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You can become a solar power producer with your own Premier Power turnkey system. Along with the benefit of slashing your electric bill to almost $ 5.00, you can spin your meter backwards and seamlessly connect to your utilities grid. Sell your electricity back to your utility company and receive a return on your investment. It’s a no brainer!

The secret behind the sleek, streamlined design are interlocking solar tiles fit to the exact shape of your roof. This exclusive interlocking technique blends with the style and architecture of your home.

  • The solar panel is a deep blue color that blends well with the brown and gray tiles of roofing.

  • The solar panels are light; they weigh about 2.5 lbs per sqft.

  • They are seamlessly constructed.

  • These solar panels are very low maintenance and very durable.

The sun bathes the earth with enough energy every 10 seconds to meet the world’s electricity needs for an entire year. In a world of rising energy costs and global warming, you have the power to make a change…a surprisingly easy change. With a solar kit from Star Energy Construction, you can reduce, eliminate your electricity bill, or even have the electric company pay you! You will be helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants fired with fossil fuels. It’s a solution that is difficult to beat.

What is your Average Electric bill?

Discover the potential savings, tax credits and rebates when you install a Premier Power Solar Solution, just enter your monthly electricity bills in the Solar Calculator linked below.

Time is running out! Tax credits and 50% rebate are being reduced over the next few months.

By using statistical information about your location, sunlight intensities and available rebates, we will provide you with an eye opening report.


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